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How To Get Your Website Noticed

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We Sometimes Earn Affiliate Links When You Click Through The Affiliate Links On Our Website. This Is At No Extra Cost To You – And We Thank You For Using Our Links!

How To Get Your Website NoticedYou’ve created a website for your small business, but you’re not getting the amount of traffic you were expecting. You’re not alone; many small businesses have the same issue. But there are ways to get your website noticed by potential customers. In this post, we’ll discuss some of those ways on how to get your website noticed. Keep reading to learn more!

So you have asked – How To Get Your Website Noticed?

The days of “tricks” and “hacks” that used to help rank your site are long gone.  In fact, if some of these old tricks are used, Google will penalize you!  In today’s world, how to get your website noticed is all about quality over quantity when creating an optimized web page for Google ranking purposes; this includes keywords on pages as well as meta descriptions with relevant information about what each one offers – not just content but also images or videos associated within them which can make a huge difference too!  The big picture of this is referred to as SEO.

We are going to discuss these steps for

How to Get Your Website Noticed

  1.  Have the good quality content and information that your visitors are looking for
  2.  Make sure you have good quality sites that link back to yours
  3. Use the right keywords to have your customers find you
  4. Have updated and new content regularly

How to make my website show up on Google –  they want to see that your site is an Authority

Google visibility is what everyone wants to achieve. Everyone who has ever used Google has noticed that some sites come up in search results a lot, even when you don’t want them to!  For example, Wikipedia is an authority for all things encyclopedic and can be found at any time during your internet session.

And you always see certain sites with certain topics – ESPN comes up for any type of sports reference, and NerdWallet for any personal finance.  This is because Google considered them the authority in those areas.  That is how to get your website noticed.

So how do you get your website noticed with all the competition?  You need to be and have authority on the subject.  In the SEO (search engine optimization) world, it is called domain authority or DA.

How do I get Authority?

In order to really win with SEO, you need a site that is recognized as the authority in your niche. This means creating content for people who are looking up information on Google search console and other search engines like Bing because this will bring them directly towards what they want from YOU!

The best way I’ve found to achieve these results. Become an expert or have extensive experience in all aspects of the subject your website is about.  Give the information that people are looking for in good clean content, and you will gain authority.

How To Get Your Website Noticed? Get the right content

Google wants to give its searchers the best content.  The best match possible.  You have to have that on your website to start.  And you need to be very specific about each and everything you want to “rank” for – what you want people to find you for.  So if you sell different types of widgets, you need to have each of those widgets individually – not “we have lots of widgets”.  You should have a separate page for each – big widgets, small widgets, round widgets, and square widgets.  Any type of widget you carry.

Exactly what your customers would put into the Google search bar when looking for them.  They wouldn’t search “lots of widgets”  but would put in small widgets if that is what they were looking for.

Websites that sell more than one product or service could benefit from this tip alone by creating separate pages for each, allowing them to better showcase their offerings and increase sales.  This is how to get your website noticed!

Sounds Time Consuming?

It is – but it is the way it works.  Plus, you have to do more than just this!  Of course, it isn’t that easy!

How to get your website noticed? You also have to establish your authority as an expert on the topic of what you sell or the services you offer, by adding content that answers common questions customers have.  This can be effectively done with blog content.  And it needs to be updated and new content added regularly.  This is even more time-consuming as the content needs to have substance!

Keywords are another factor in how to get your website noticed

What is an SEO Company WHAT IS SEOKeyword research for these blog posts needs to be done before writing them.  Question research needs to be done.  What is going to answer the questions and make Google see that you are an authority in your field?  There are lots of tools on the internet to help you, including Google itself.

Now, keyword research can be hard and time-consuming.  You can’t just pick any old word or phrase and hope to rank.  If other pages with a higher authority rank better for it, they will beat you out.  You have to figure out the best phrase that doesn’t have a lot of competition.  These are referred to as longtail keywords.

For example, in researching for this article, I started out with Google SEO, but the competition is outrageous!  After drilling down on several options, I found that “how to make your site show up on Google” has a decent volume of traffic, but the competition is tough.   Since I’m still working on my authority for this site, I won’t rank against that competition (someday I will get there!).  So I choose a less competitive long-tail keyword – How To Get Your Website Noticed.

I work on my client’s sites more than mine, so mine is a work in progress.  No excuses, I just prioritize my client’s projects over mine 🙂

The more keywords you rank for, the more questions you answer with your content, and the better your authority shows.  Again, it takes time, research, and patience!

But Content Isn’t Enough

You probably have a lot of competition and you need to beat them out in what you do.  To show that you are an authority, you need backlinks (other sites linking to your site) to show Google that you are an authority.  It’s like they are showing they would “vote” for you.   But just any link won’t do – these need to be good quality backlinks.  The higher the referring site is in authority, the better the link.  How To Get Your Website Noticed?  Backlinks are a key factor.

How to make your website show up on Google? It takes time!

The time of your site being up and active also plays a factor.  You need to show your authority consistently in order to get and keep it.  How to get your website noticed? You have to be patient, and consistent and it still takes TIME!

How To Get Your Website Noticed?  Be consistent!

What is an SEO Company What is SEO, seo marketing consultant,You need consistent good quality content, build a substantial amount of backlinks, make sure your blogs are focused on your keywords, and answer your audience’s questions.

This is not something most business owners have time to deal with.  That is why Through Fresh Eyes specializes in this SEO and Social Media services.

We handle these things for you so you don’t need to stress about:

  • What keywords should I choose for my blogs and pages?
  • Are my pages set up correctly to rank?
  • How many backlinks do I need to get authority?
  • How do I even build backlinks?
  • How do I write lots of blogs to gain authority?
  • How do I know my blogs are good enough for authority?


How to get your website noticed – Vickie at Through Fresh Eyes has the experience and tools to get the work done, so you can concentrate on working in your business, not spending time trying to figure out Google, authority, backlinks, blogs, keywords and more!  Social media management can also be a part of this plan.

There are also other factors, including setting up your Google Business Profile, and getting reviews, something else I can also help with.   These also help – especially as reviews help show authority.  Also, take a look at your website experience for your customers.  Are you making it easy to do business with you once they find you? If you need your website experience analyzed, we do that too!

You don’t need to figure out how to get your website noticed – we do that for you.  If you’re looking for help, please contact Vickie. She can assist you with developing a comprehensive SEO and marketing strategy that will get your website the attention it deserves. In order to achieve this goal, it’s important to focus on creating quality content, obtaining backlinks from reputable websites, and using the correct keywords. These are all essential aspects of an effective SEO campaign. Thanks for reading!

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We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. This is at no extra cost to you – and we thank you for using our links!

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We Sometimes Earn Affiliate Links When You Click Through The Affiliate Links On Our Website. This Is At No Extra Cost To You – And We Thank You For Using Our Links!

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