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There are so many areas of your business to concentrate on.  Let me take some of that off your plate so you can concentrate on your business. 

There are lots of options – Content Marketing, Social Media Management Services, Small Business SEO Consultant, and more.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Management can be SO time consuming. But it is necessary in this business climate to help you keep in touch with your customers, and to keep your business name out there in this competitive business market.

Through Fresh Eyes offers Social Media Management Services.

Let me be your Social Media Content Manager.

SEO Optimization

You may have a beautiful website, professionally designed by the “experts”, but it is SEO Optimized?

Are the keywords there for your clients to find you over your competitors?

Through Fresh Eyes offers affordable SEO services and has SEO packages for small business.


We collaborate together to determine strategy in your business. I can help you accomplish your goals.

Content Marketing

Blog/Article writing, aka Content Marketing, is another way to communicate with your clients, keep your website fresh, give you content for your social media and get customers interested in what you do.

However, this is probably the most time-consuming task of all.

Let me help you with the creation and sharing of online material (such as blogs, and be your social media manager) to help promote you and your brand, and in a way that is intended to stimulate interest in your product or services.

Hand it off to me and no need to worry about it anymore! Through Fresh Eyes can be your content manager for social media and keeping your website up to date.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a great tool that manages how your business appears on Google search and maps. It is often overlooked by business owners. It is more than just collecting reviews.

This tool gives you the opportunity to promote your business. But is it much more than just filling in the blanks. There is a great opportunity here for more customers to find you.

Let me help you with your Google My Business Optimization service and optimizing your business listing.

WOW Customer Experience Consulting

Customer Service, or what your customer experiences in your business, has always been a focus of mine.

It is so easy to get complacent about your customer or client service, and you don't know it is an issue until you have lost the customer/client.

Let me help you improve and systemize your customer service, and deliver to them a WOW Customer experience.​

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

There are many roads to making this happen.  It’s the overall big picture of your business.  What areas do you need to tweak to make this happen?  Let’s look at it together to grow your business and increase your sales By improving your Online presence.

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How does this work?

Just fill out the contact section and the best time to talk, and I’ll give you a call.  No cost, no obligation, just talk to see if it would be a good fit for both of us.

Social Media Manager

Content marketing
Content marketing

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

This will depend upon your business.  Overall, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and a few others are the major players in Social Media. 

Your clients/customers and type of business will decide what we need to use. Social media management is very important to your business.

You need to be on several, as it can attract more customers/clients, along with driving traffic back to your website, where we convert them to customers.

Absolutely!  You need to keep your content fresh, use your keywords to stay in ranking on search engines. 

The correct setup of your website is extremely important to accomplish this.  Content marketing is a part of our business services.

I have had a lot of business experience, customer service experience along with the SEO and Social Media experience. 

I have owned my own businesses for the majority of my adult life.  I have had a lot of small business training over the years in everything from marketing to customer service. 

In addition, I have also worked in the corporate world as everything from Office Manager, Executive Assistant to Operations Manager. 

Also I have been helping many business owners over the years with support and advice.  I have been responsible for many roles in my own businesses and for others.

Along the way I have been learning, utilizing and improving social media for my businesses for many years, along with others.

You will get the expertise you need to take your business to the next level. 

I will work with you to put it all into place.  It’s about accomplishing, follow-through, and implementing what you need, to grow your business.

I can help you identify what are the key issues for you and your business’s online presence.  We can then break them down into small manageable pieces. 

You will have someone that understands business and entrepreneurship.  All of this can be quite time consuming – especially content marketing.  So let us take that off your hands.

We will work within your budget to get done what we determine are the most important areas of your business to improve first.  

We will set up regularly scheduled meetings to go over the process and what is needed for next steps. 

I do keep my client list to a few people so I have the time to dedicate to everyone.  That being said, I do need to sleep!  I have regular office hours during the week if you need a special meeting.

Building this takes some time, it is not an overnight process.  I work with clients long-term.

You can gain back time into your life!  Remember, every aspect of your business and how it is run is affected by the amount of time you must dedicate to it. 

Hire Through Fresh Eyes as your small business SEO consultant.  I can help you by looking at your entire online presence to identify areas of improvement for your online presence.

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together

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We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. This is at no extra cost to you – and we thank you for using our links!

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