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Social media publishing should never feel like a chore.

We have made it easy while maintaining its effectiveness!

Improve your social results without spending a ton of time!

Through Fresh Eyes social media platform gives you revolutionary new capabilities to save you time and money!

It’s important to note that not all features are included in every plan, so be sure to check the plan details to see if a specific feature is included in the plan you choose.
If you have any questions, just reach out to us and we can answer them.
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Through Fresh Eyes Social Media Publishing Tool

Scheduling Tool and Preview Posts

Social media scheduling – schedule posts by queue or time you wish to post. Preview how your post will look in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and tailor the post for each network with ease before you post.

Auto Reposting for Evergreen Content

Say goodbye to the hassle of reposting evergreen content manually. Through Fresh Eyes allows you to set up your schedule, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Auto reposting ensures that your valuable content reaches your audience consistently.

Social Publishing Made Simple and Powerful with AI

Publishing to social media should never feel like a chore. With Though Fresh Eyes AI, we’ve made it simple and powerful.

Our innovative new features enable impressive results, saving you time! 

Social Media Analytics for Measuring Success

Tracking the success of your social media messaging is crucial. Through Fresh Eyes AI offers social media analytics that allow you to know at a glance which posts and networks generate the most engagement, leads, and revenue.

You can attribute revenue and other key performance indicators (KPIs) to your social media efforts, measure your funnel, and view beautiful interactive charts or export data for further analysis.

Direct Posting to Instagram

Our integration brings you the convenience of direct posting to Instagram (posts, reels and carousels). No more switching between platforms and wasting time. Through Fresh Eyes Social Media Platform streamlines the process, making your life as a small business owner a lot easier.

Save Time

Take control of all your social media accounts – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube – from one platform. Customize your message for each network and post to all of them with just a single click.


Social Publishing Pro Tip

Customize your message for each network when posting to multiple platforms simultaneously. Through Fresh Eyes AI’s editor makes it easy to tailor your content, ensuring maximum impact.

Customize send times per network

Our platform has the most advanced send time optimizer on the planet. You can optimize based on when you are most likely to earn a click, lead, sale, or any of your custom website actions.

All this is done on a per-network basis, so your post has the best chance of meeting your business goals.

Schedule calendar

This interactive social media marketing calendar displays all scheduled and sent posts. You can easily drag sent posts to repost them automatically on a future date.

Our industry-exclusive overlay feature determines the best times and days for each type of post. Additionally, campaign milestones are automatically included.

You can also add reminders for blog posts, emails, and other marketing tasks. Receive email notifications at the scheduled time to stay on track.

Protect Your Brand

Even the biggest brands have had embarrassing social media mishaps. Protect your brand from similar situations and potential legal consequences. 

User accounts with specific permissions, including features and social accounts users can access.  Also included is publishing approval workflow, and the ability to edit links even after they’ve been posted and retweeted.  Protect your brand with our profanity filter with customizable word list

Social Publishing Pro Tip

Track revenue and captured leads from your social media posts automatically with Through Fresh Eyes AI. This feature helps you measure the direct impact of your social media efforts on your business’s bottom line.

More about Through Fresh Eyes social media platform

Social Media Share Button

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Social Media Analytics Reporting

Learn more about Through Fresh Eyes Social Media Analytics

Social Media Platform Features

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Social Media Campaigns

Learn more about Through Fresh Eyes Social Media Campaigns

Choose from our plans below!

Through Fresh Eyes for a Managed Social Media Package Using our Social Media Management Platform

DIY Self Service 

Monthly Subscription/No Contracts

$59 per month

Manage your social media all on one platform – and take advantage of our tools to manage and grow your social presence.

  All features listed above, plus

  • Publish to 5 social networks
  • 2 Dashboard Users
  • Basic AI writer
  • Support by FAQ, Chat & email


This package gives access to manage your social media profiles independently. This package does not include any custom content writing, or posts by Through Fresh Eyes.  It gives you the tools you need to post, repost and engage your audience.

Business Basic

Monthly Subscription/No Contracts

$99 per month

  • 2 Dashboard Users
  • 10 Social Profiles
  • Basic AI Writer
  • Social Media Publishing by us for:
    • US Holiday Posts
    • Consistent Engagement Posts
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Support by FAQ, Chat & email


This package gives you regular engagement posts and US holidays.  We set it up for you to automatically post so you don’t have to!

Business Booster Pro

Monthly Subscription/No Contracts

On Sale - Now Only $150 per month

was $249 per month


Business Basic features Plus:

  • Premium AI Writer
  • 20 Social Profiles
  • 5 Dashboard Users
  • 10 RSS feeds
  • Publishing Approval Workflow
  • Referral Campaign Templates for your use
  • Social Media Content Publishing by us for:
    • Inspirational Posts
    • Weekend Word Games 
    • Engagement Posts
  • Also for your use:
    • Landing Pages
    • Campaigns
    • Sticky-Tab Widgets
    • Photo Contests
    • Video Contests
    • Essay Contests
    • Video Sharing Gallery
    • Photo Sharing Gallery
    • Referral Sweepstakes
    • Coupons
    • Video Testimonials
    • Refer a Friend
This package includes all of the above, along with tutorial videos and support to implement campaigns, contests, sweepstakes, and other items listed above. Automatic consistent posting, along with the tools you need to run contests, campaigns, and more!

Included in ALL of our all-in-one social media management packages

Through Fresh Eyes Specializes in
Small Business Social Media Management

Empowering Small Businesses With Social Success


More than just a social media scheduler! It’s a complete social media marketing package!
Click on the arrow to read the details in the list below.

Personalized dashboard for your company use  – all your socials on one dashboard.  It includes a publishing tab, your queue (upcoming posts), your sent posts, drafts, your schedule, and so much more.

Add your personalized posts with our easy to use dashboard, AI writer, and image library.

Customized post scheduling, post at specific times, which comes in handy to coordinate with your launch day. Also post a set number of times and expire your content.

Consistency matters. save hours each week and grow your brand by scheduling your posts in advance.

Customize your posts for each network.  It’s all on one platform, but sometimes you want to say something a little different for one of the socials.  Tailor your posts for each network – just make the change on the dashboard, and you are done!

Also use directly when posting the AI writer, emojis, hashtags, bold, italic and Call To Action.

You can recycle your posts by reposting some of your posts regularly without having to do the work.  The evergreen/recurring posts function in this platform save you time and are easy to do with this platform.  Mark it as “requeue” and that all you need to do!

You also have the option to pause and resume content as you need.

View the social media posts you’ll be sharing over the next day, week or month in our visual marketing calendar.  

No more paying (and searching) for the perfect professional image or graphic for your social post or campaign. We’ve pre-loaded your Asset Library with over a million royalty-free professional photos and graphics.  Just enter a keyword and choose your favorite.  Also, every image you upload or share will we stored in your Asset Library for future use.

Also Alt image text option, built in image editing.

Best posting time recommendations built into the calendar. We have the most advanced send time optimizer on the planet. You can optimize based on when you are most likely to earn a click, lead, sale or any of your custom website actions. And all this is done on a per-network basis, so your post has the best chance of meeting your business goals.

Now you don’t have to think of what to say – give AI the instructions and let it do the work!

Dashboard and Business Basic include standard AI Writer. 

The other plans adds premium modules to our AI Writer: Blogs, Emails, Ads, Courses, Video Scripts, Marketing Strategy, Legal Assistant and Lead Magnets.

Review drafts before approving. Sometimes your business needs this function, being able to approve the content put in the queue by others before posting.  Easy set up and management of approvals.

Call to action prompts safe you time – just click on CTA, and the appropriate prompts are added to your post for each network.  Just another great timesaver!

Set up your hashtag manager specifically for each platform and it makes it so easy to add YOUR specfic hashtags.

Include your brand watermark on images.  Just click a button and it is included on the images you want. 

Easy to use call to action button which then puts the appropriate type of call to action per network.  You can also set up your personalized call to action group per network.

Not only can you upload bulk posts, but you can also bulk edit, schedule and pause by category, or all posts. 

Run unlimited reports with no added cost. Full reporting is provided for published messages, campaigns, share buttons, videos and an organizational overview. Export any report for editing in MS Excel or output as a PDF for sharing.

Automatically shortens and tracks up to 5 links per social post. Each shortened link passes detailed post information to your analytics provider.

Not only do we have a detailed knowledgebase for everything, but you can reach out to us by email and we’ll help you.

social media management packages, social media managment package

Social Media Magic at Your Fingertips!

Social Networks

Platforms available on our social media management packages include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

Our Social Media Articles

Social publishing, especially for small business owners who lack the time to manage their social media, is an essential tool in today’s digital age. With the emergence of social media platforms like Through Fresh Eyes, managing and maximizing online presence has become easier than ever.

Through Fresh Eyes offers a comprehensive social publishing platform that allows small business owners to effortlessly schedule, publish, and analyze their social media content. By leveraging this platform, small business owners can save valuable time and focus on other aspects of their business, while still reaping the benefits of a strong online presence.

From increasing brand visibility to reaching a wider audience, social publishing through Through Fresh Eyes is an invaluable resource for small business owners seeking to enhance their social media strategies.