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What is an SEO Company?

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We Sometimes Earn Affiliate Links When You Click Through The Affiliate Links On Our Website. This Is At No Extra Cost To You – And We Thank You For Using Our Links!

What is an SEO CompanyWhat is an SEO Company?

I would like to try to answer not only what is an SEO company, but also what is an SEO specialist and what they do.

What is an SEO Company? First of all, when someone asks, what is an SEO expert, and where do you find them?  I have to say that I don’t think that anyone is an “expert”.  No one is quite sure what Google’s algorithms are set at as they change so often.  All you can do is take know the best practices along with utilizing the tools and platforms available to help you nail down the SEO for website optimization.  And work at staying up to date on all of the changes.  I would be skeptical of anyone who said they were an expert.

Through Fresh Eyes offers affordable SEO services for small business.  I’m tackling this topic as it seems that no one understands the question – What are SEO services?  When I tell people I work on small to medium-sized businesses’ SEO, I get a blank stare.  Then the question – What does SEO stand for?  Even doing my research for this article, there were so many keywords asking the same question – What does SEO mean?  What does SEO stand for?  And take a look at some of the images I have found – there are so many factors that go into SEO.  Let’s go on to answer the question What is an SEO Company?

SEO stands for Search Engine OptimizationWhat is an SEO Company What is SEO

Then the next question is, What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?   You know you need SEO for your business, and you don’t have time to learn it, or even understand it.  So let’s dig in to try to put some of these terms in “layman’s” language to help understand what you need to know as a business owner.  This will help you understand better in order to work with an SEO company.

SEO Definition

From Wikipedia “Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.”

Setting up an SEO-optimized website is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results in search engines.  It is not paid advertising.  Google is the biggest concern for most business owners.  The better your SEO is optimized, the higher chance you have of ranking in the top 10, or on the front page of the results.  Your website SEO makes a difference if you want your customers or clients to find you, especially if they don’t know you exist yet.

What is an SEO Company What is SEOWhat is SEO Search Engine Optimization and How It Works

There are different types of SEO, and I’ll try to explain a few.  The goal is to get your site optimized and everything set up correctly.  The “right” in this case is getting your website to rank #1 when searching the keyword you target.  That is the ultimate goal.

What is an SEO Company WHAT IS SEOWhat is “Keyword” in SEO

When determining your SEO strategy, you have to also research and find your most important keywords, or long-tail keyword (which is a phrase).  But this is not as easy as deciding – I want to rank #1 for xxx.  This could be a keyword that EVERYONE is using, and you don’t stand a chance.  So the key is to narrow down a better long-tail keyword phrase, and also make sure you have a chance at obtaining your goal, and that people are even looking for that keyword.  This in itself takes the right tools and time to do.

My search engine optimization example – I am writing this article on What is SEO.  According to my research, this will be next to impossible for me to obtain any ranking.  There is too much high-ranking competition.  The real purpose of me writing it is so I have a place to direct potential clients to clarify what it is I can do for them.

So when I put “What is SEO” into my research tool, I get 700 different varieties of this “Keyword”, along with the volume (22,200 people search for What is SEO per month). And it shows the competition is very difficult.  But what it does is give me lots of options, and show me the same information for those Keywords.  So in this case, I chose another keyword group as my key phrase.  It is a lower search volume, but high enough to get traffic, and the score is reasonable enough for me to eventually rank.

Hopefully, that gives you an idea of keywords or key phrases.

DA (Domain Authority) ScoresWhat is an SEO Company?

Each website is assigned a DA score (a ranking).   This score predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine results pages.  There are many factors, most of which can be

  • How long the website has been online/active – everyone starts out with a 1
  • How many backlinks (other sites directing traffic to you) there are coming to your site.  These are high-quality links.  Spam links can hurt your score.
  • Your website is set up properly (optimized) and there are many factors involved here.
  • Mobile friendliness, speed, and many other factors.


Of course, a higher DA is better and gets you a better ranking and it is easier to beat the competition if they have a lower DA than you.  So in the SEO world, a win is getting the score to go up on a regular basis.  But please understand, this is something that is done over an extended period of time.  It is not an overnight fix.  Not trying to be discouraging, just setting expectations.  Anyone who tells you differently is not telling you the truth.

Now let’s try to answer a few more questions about What is an SEO Company? if I haven’t lost you already!

What is a website audit? What is SEO audit?
These are both similar.  I go through your website to optimize it – basically looking at all of the above and making sure everything is set up correctly.

What is website optimization? What is SEO friendly?
This would be having your website set up correctly in order to start getting traffic organically.

What is SEO strategy? We work together with you to determine what you want to accomplish.  How you want to achieve your goals.

What is Link Building?  This is the process of obtaining those incoming links to your website.  Not spam-type links, but high-quality links.

What is SEO Services? As your SEO consultant, I work on the whole SEO package for you.  I go through the process of SEO Audit, SEO Analysis and come back with suggestions for changes.  I can make those changes also.  It is actually easier that way, to be able to go onto your website and implement the changes.

What is an SEO Company?  I specialize in small business SEO services.  For this reason, I also provide an SEO content writing service, which includes optimizing your website pages, and blog content.  This is a process that I do online on your website.  It is not easy to relay the information to your web designer to set up.  That is why the preferred method is having access to your site and the ok to make those changes.

What is SEO Marketing and Types of SEO

SEO for marketing purposes is like I stated above, getting traffic to your site by using our resources to optimize your website.  For most businesses, utilizing these tools can help.

What is on-page optimization?  Online SEO is what I focus on.  This would be your website and social media pages.  I do not handle online advertising or other marketing through our business.  However, I can refer you to great companies that do handle this.

What is SEO writing?   This would be making sure your keywords are used correctly – optimized.

What is technical SEO?  This would be your website setup, on the technical side.  This part I don’t work on – I am not a coder or website designer.  I know enough to be dangerous on my own sites, but I will not get into the technical part of my client’s sites.  This is best left for their website designers.  If you do not have one, I can refer you to one.

What is organic search?  What is organic traffic?  This would be searches and traffic that comes from UNPAID means, otherwise, you did not have to pay for that click to your site.  SEO organic search is the best kind as you don’t have to buy your way into a search.  That is why I prefer and specialize in organic SEO.

SEO Meaning in Business and What is an SEO Company?

What you need to know about this is:What is an SEO Company?

What is my website ranking? Your website ranking would be your DA, explained above.  As far as keywords ranking, that depends upon the keywords.  I take a look at that as part of our initial setup.

What is my Google ranking? Your Google ranking is the same as above.

What keywords do I rank for?  I can determine this in our initial setup.  Our goal is to get you to rank for all keywords and phrases within your reach that pertain to your business.

What is local search optimization? This is making sure you show up locally as a business if this is what you are.  If you are a service company located in a particular town that only services that area, you need to be targeted as such online.

When trying to figure out – what is SEO in business, you can see that there are a lot of factors.  In most cases, businesses do not have the time to learn all needed to handle their own SEO.  And if you do know it, it is hard to spend the time to implement it.  That is why I specialize in this SEO service.

Continuing to answer the question – What is an SEO Company and What to Expect?

As stated above, this is a long-term project, it is not something I can just flip a switch and you get immediate results.  And how long it takes depends upon the difficulty of your business.  For example, it is taking longer for my client who is a consulting business that services clients worldwide and has a lot of competition to get rankings in keywords that are very difficult.  I am getting him rankings and increasing his traffic.   It is just taking a little longer with the competition being strong. While at the same time another client that has a local service business is easier, as there is less competition and he ranks very high in a lot of areas.

What I need in order to work for you is access to many different platforms, including:

  • Your website
  • Social media accounts
  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Account
  • Yelp account
  • I will also need a list of who you consider your closest competition.

And I will need to have the freedom to make changes to the site, and post on your social media (if this part is an option you choose).  I do recommend including this as it gives us more opportunities for links to the website, along with ranking for more keywords.

Affordable Local SEO Services


We don’t need to be in the same town, or even the same state.  But I do work with clients in the United States only.  It is our focus.  I provide SEO copywriting services also and would like to be your organic SEO consultant.  I want to give you the best search engine optimization.

I go future than just SEO.  I also analyze your website for customer service and customer experience.  If you are selling on your site, is it easy for them to buy?  If your goal is for them to contact you, do you make that easy?  Is it easy for them to use your site?  Can they get the information they need easily?  That is where our business name, Through Fresh Eyes, comes in.  There is more to being successful on your website than SEO.  With our business and customer experience focus, I make sure your site is set up to get all of the results you are seeking.

I hope I have helped answer your question – what is an SEO company.  My SEO package prices vary depending upon your needs. Through Fresh Eyes is your organic SEO company.  Contact me and we can discuss your options.  I limit how many clients I work with at a time, in order to focus on our current clients, giving them the best results possible.  I don’t outsource, so I can control the quality of the work being done.

Next time someone asks you What is an SEO company or even What is SEO, please direct them here.

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We Sometimes Earn Affiliate Links When You Click Through The Affiliate Links On Our Website. This Is At No Extra Cost To You – And We Thank You For Using Our Links!

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